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Luxury Salonboat Cruise (60 min)

Salon boat tour from the Anne Frank Museum.

Quick Details

Duration: 60 min.

Departure Location: Anne Frank Museum

Including: Drinks and a typical dutch Cheese Platter

Sightseeing: The old 16th and 17th city center of Amsterdam

Bar: There is the availability for Heineken beer, soda’s and wines. All included.

Smoking: It is prohibited to smoke on all of our boats.

Music: Due to government regulations, music is not allowed.

Volwassene Leeftijd 11+

Luxury Salonboat Cruise

Have you ever felt like a real royal? Well this might be your chance. Our luxury Salonboats are all over 100 years old. And all at one time used to cruise the canals with the rich and royals of those days. The most wanted boats of nowadays are the famous and beautiful salonboats also known as captain boats. 
We are going to cruise you around in a relaxing 75 minutes. And tell you a little bit more than our shorter 1 hour tour. We have plenty of time to give you an awesome experience. Seeing the mayor’s house, where today we have the first female mayor ever to reside there. Also the amazing dancing houses. They have sunken into the ground which is a common site throughout the city. And the unofficial smallest house in Amsterdam and maybe even the world? You decide!

Snacks and Beverages

In the Netherlands we have a saying, never forget about the inner person! Which means so much as not to forget to treat yourself. And we didn’t forget about that within the Salonboat Tour. We have really nice typical dutch Gouda cheeses. We have a platter with old (spicy) and young (creamy) Gouda Cheese. We serve the cheese with lovely, ok not dutch but nice french mustard. And together with the lovely cheeses you can pick a nice drink. Heineken beer, soda’s or a nice wine. 

Did you know!

All our boats are equipped with fully electric engines. Where the Salonboats used to run with very noisy and also very polluting engines. We have taken out these bad boys and put in smooth running electric engines. Much better for your and our convenience.
During winter time the Salonboat tour will continue because they all have heating on the boat.
The Salonboat tour is our second best tour starting from the Anne Frank House.
All our staff are fully trained and selected to have a good connection with Amsterdam. We train them as bartenders, skippers and amazing guides.  

Departure location Luxury Salonboat Cruise.

Anne Frank Museum – Right in front of the Anne Frank Museum there is a departure dock where we start from. You can recognize us by the orange shirts or jackets we wear.