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Luxury Evening Cruise (1 hour) from the Anne Frank Museum

1 hour evening Cruise from the Anne Frankhouse

Quick Details

Duration: 60 min.

Departure Location: Anne Frank Museum

Including: Live skipper (and host(ess)) for the guiding in English

Sightseeing: You’ll see the amazing historic canals of Amsterdam

Bar: There is a fully equiped bar on board with soft drinks, beers and cocktails.

Smoking: It is prohibited to smoke on all of our boats.

Music: Due to government regulations, music is not allowed.

Adult Leeftijd 11+

Covid-19 restrictions

26th November 2021 — Current regulations do not allow us to cruise after 17:00. Therefore the evening tour has been suspended till further notice!
You’ll need to wear a mouth mask on the boat. And before boarding a QR-code is mandatory

Luxury Evening Cruise

People a lot of times refer to Paris as the city of love. But then I bet those people haven’t been to Amsterdam in the evening. One of the most romantic cities I know. During night time all the buildings, bridges and sight lights up magically. During these amazing evening hours you will also have the best lighting for photos. There is the golden hour, where the sun puts a golden blanket of light over the city. During the blue hour, the moment where the day goes into night, you have a real mystical atmosphere of light for the most amazing photos, For instance for your Instagram account. Or you just inhale the beauty of the city, and let us guide you into the night.

The Experience

Join the tour either from the Anne Frank museum and step into one of our open (during summer) or closed (during winter) boats. We have selectively selected the best cushions for you to sit easily on for the whole tour. We have placed a fully equipped bar, where our trained staff will serve you beers, soda’s and even different wines. All our staff have been carefully selected to have a good connection with the city, so they can answer all your questions. But also after the tour you can always contact me for more information.
We will take you through the old center of Amsterdam which mostly have been created in the 16th and 17th century. A time where Amsterdam was the most important city in the world. We were at that time the biggest colonial power of the world. With trading spices we conquered the world. Even the Mystic land of China. Where no other western country ever was able to do business with. This richdom can be seen all over the city and during the tour.


Our boats are fully electric so now annoying noises, but also no bad fumes which contributes to the CO2 pollution. All the boats are charged with green electricity.
Also our items of the bar are as much as possible seperated for a better garbage disposal. 

Departure location of the 1 hour Canal Cruise.

Anne Frank Museum – Right in front of the Anne Frank Museum there is a departure dock where we start from. You can recognize us by the orange shirts or jackets we wear.