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Amsterdam is not the oldest city of the Netherlands. But it has one of the richest histories in the Netherlands. And luckily these days that can be seen just by walking through the city. Amsterdam has the best kept historical centre in the world. 

Unesco Heritage
So it is no surprise that the whole centre of Amsterdam has been put on the Unesco Heritage List and is a protected historical site. For each history and art lover there is something to go for. Visit the van Gogh museum for amazing paintings, The Nemo for science and the Maritime museum for our rich navy history.

Old town of Amsterdam

The Centre of Amsterdam filled with historic beautty

Amsterdam North
But of course Amsterdam has so much more. We are also known as one of the most artist inspired cities in the world. We have a whole area transformed into an artist breeding place where artists come to inspire and make amazing art. It is also a really cool place to stroll around, it is an old shipping yard where you can find a bunch of amazing bars, restaurants and deli’s. The area is called NDSM wharf!

NDSM warf

Amsterdam is so diverse that you can enjoy yourself in so many ways. That there will hardly be any dull moment. Amsterdam is not an option to visit, it is a bucket list must do!

See you soon!