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Well of course I need to say that my canal cruise is the best in Amsterdam. But I also have to be real, that isn’t always the case. Regarding my own tour I always try to give it my best, and hope to give you an amazing time. But I can’t of course please everyone.

Classical Canal Cruise
I have chosen to offer a canal cruise or river cruise using a boat with live guiding. This allows me and my friends to make the tour as personal as possible. But that also has a downside, most of the time we only speak english on the boat. If that is not your language or you don’t understand english so well. I have to be honest, maybe my tours are not the best tour you can take if the guiding part is what you are looking for. If so then I would advise you to go with the more classical canal boats, they most of the time offer a taped guided tour in multiple languages. 

Canals of Amsterdam

The most amazing canal of Amsterdam

Specific River Cruise
As I said I do think my tours are among the best tours given on the canals. But that doesn’t mean I am the only good skipper on the rivers and canals. There are several other companies that make a really good trip as well. Think of a beer specialty tour, or a ganja tour, romance tour or an amazing diner tour. All amazing tours on their own. But still you can all book them with me as well.

Family of the canals
The canals of Amsterdam are almost like a sort of family. Everybody knows each other. And most of the time we help each other. Because we all have one passion “giving you an amazing time”. So if there is anything special you are looking for feel free to contact me. And I will help you in the right direction.