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The Timezone of Amsterdam is called Central European time; this means it is +1 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) during winter and +2 UTC during summer. The Netherlands upholds a summer and wintertime, where time is set to have the most daylight. But there is a discussion going on to cancel the summer/wintertime. But we are not there yet.

Timezones Map

Timezones Map

Amsterdam time is the same in the whole of the Netherlands. So there is no difference in time in the East of the Netherlands or the West of the Netherlands.

24Hour notation

In the Netherlands we mostly use the 24hour notation. So 2pm is written as 14:00 hours but spoken as 2 o’clock. So if your hotel has a digital clock you know what it will say.

Dutch Airports

Because the Netherlands is very central located in Europe compared to other continents, there is a big chance you will be visiting the Netherlands as a stop over as well. But that doesn’t have to be Schiphol which is the biggest airport of the Netherlands and closest to Amsterdam.
The smaller airports are more and more used for transfers as well. 


Time differences from the more well known areas in the world.

Location Time difference Location Time difference
London -1 hours Capetown +1 hours
New York -6 hours Ankara +2 hours
Toronto -6 hours Moscow +2 hours
Mexico-city -7 hours Abu Dhabi +3 hours
Los Angeles -9 hours Tokio +8 hours
Juneau -10 hours Sydney +10 hours