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Now I know that Amsterdam is also known for our tollerant view on prostitution and marihuana. And sometimes that can scare people, especially if you have kids. But I can ease your mind. first of all the prostitution is limited to a small area known as the red light district. And most of the ladies can be only seen from 7pm. Before that there are most of the time only empty windows (curtains closed). The area itself has a beautiful history as well.

Lookout Amsterdam, swing over Amsterdam

The Lookout Amsterdam

Regarding the coffeeshops, they can be found all around Amsterdam. But the percentage of people enjoying their special cigaret is maybe 0,5% of the population. Most of the time they are tourists as well. And smoking is prohibited in the most popular places.

Canal Cruises
Then where can you go with kids? We’ll of course canal cruises are a lot of fun. You can even go driving the canals yourself. Either in a small electric sloop or our famous pedal bikes. It is a workout and a lot of fun at the same time.

Adam Tower
But what I definitely would advise is to go to the Adam tower. It is right behind the central station. You can take a free ferry to the other side. There you will find the A’dam tower. A large former office building. One of the highest buildings in Amsterdam. You can do a lot of stuff there which is fun for kids (and the parents). Go all the way to the top for the Lookout (tickets from €14,50) and have the most amazing view of the city. And if you are a daredevil, you can go into the big swings which will swing you over the edge (€5,- per person)! Or have an amazing experience on the VR game park.

Many of our museums are also kid proof. For instance go to the Maritime museum and go on the old ship and feel like a pirate. Or the NEMO museum and learn about technologie.

And this is only a hint of what you can do. Feel free to contact me for more tips. Even if you’re not doing a tour with me. [email protected]