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A question I get a lot but is probably the hardest one to answer. Most people visit Amsterdam just for a few days. Totally understandable but also a bit pity, because you’ll be missing out on the most amazing things.

But still I will try to make a few suggestions to get you on the way. Of Course there are the more touristic locations like the Rijksmuseum, van Gogh museum and the Anne Frankhouse. And don’t get me wrong. They are great. But besides those amazing places, there are also a few places which I can recommend which are not so touristy.

Let me start off with 3 amazing lesser known museums.

Moco Museum

Moco Museum

  • Moco museum, a modern art museum with a big wow factor. The most amazing Banksy and Banksy-like art will be on display.
  • Museum van Loon, A hidden museum on the Keizersgracht (Emperors canal) they really show you the wealth that Asterdam used to live in during the 17th century. And in the garden they have the most beautiful carriage which you can observe a fall in love with. 
  • Jewish National Museum. I know that it is very hard to get tickets for the Anne Frank museum. But there is a good alternative. Because Amsterdam has a large jewish history, we have rich history all on display in the Jewish National Historic Museum. And you will see more than only the Anne Frank story.

South area of Amsterdam
In the 19th century Amsterdam grew really fast so that the city needed to expand, this resulted in the south area of Amsterdam. This area is well known with the locals and has an atmosphere which you don’t find anywhere else in the city. Where the area was originally built as a working class area, not long after the expansion, it became a melting pot of locals, workers and artists, and the area was formed. And even though in the 15 years the rich and famous started to move in more and more, that fun and relaxed atmosphere stayed, You’ll find amazing bars, restaurants, shops. And of course the Heineken Museum, stadsschouwburg. And if you like the more expansive brands there is the P.C. Hoofdstraat shopping street. But also don’t miss out on the Albert Cuyp Market, the biggest market in Amsterdam.

And even though there is so much to see in Amsterdam, if you have the time please don’t forget the countryside. The Tulip Fields in April and may. The old small fishing villages like Marken and Volendam. The windmills all throughout the country are also beautiful.

As you can see there is so much to do. If you want more personalised tips. Please don’t hesitate to send me a message with you preferences at [email protected] or on my facebook or instagram.