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Corona lockdown note: This article describes what you can do in Amsterdam for free. Most of the activities are allowed to be done during the lockdown. I will put a note if it isn’t.

During your stay in Amsterdam there is a variety of stuff you can do. To be honest you can stay a year in Amsterdam and still you wouldn’t have done everything.

But logically most of the things you do, will cost you money. There is a big toerisme branche in Amsterdam which is the highest earning segment in the Netherlands compared to other cities. But with that it also comes a long history of quality service. So most of the time you will get your money’s worth.

What to do for free in Amsterdam
But of course that doesn’t have to mean that you always have to spend money or a lot of money on everything you do. In this article I will give you some options which you can do during your stay in Amsterdam which is free or at low cost.

Free walking Tour
The first one is really simple. Do your own walking tour.
Amsterdam has so much to see, you can spend your whole day (whole week if you like) just strolling around and see the most amazing buildings and locations all around. This is a link where you find a free tour if you want some guidance with the tour. Free Tour!


The flowerbike

Instagram tour
What you can also do is the Amsterdam Instagram Challenge. There are several instagram accounts that take amazing pictures of Amsterdam’s finest spots. For instance Empty Streets Of Amsterdamor Old pictures of Amsterdam. Try to find these spots and make your own picture gallery on instagram with these pictures.

Free ferry ride
If you like riding boats there are two amazing options. The first option I would like to mention is not free of charge, but you can actually rent your own boat, and cruise the canals by yourself. It is a cheaper way of doing a canal cruise. But if you want to ride a boat for free. You can actually go with one of the free ferry’s which you can find behind central station. They will bring you to the more modern part on the other side which is known as Amsterdam North. It is also a really nice area to stroll through. And there are several ferry’s which you can ride unlimited.



Behind the main museum Rijksmuseum there is an amazing
square, where you can enjoy yourself on a beautiful day. There are several places where you can buy a nice thing to eat and drink. There are also a lot of things to see.  Street Art, street performances, people playing sports or just watch people enjoying themselves.

Besides strolling around in Amsterdam I can also recommend the countryside. Now you can book a guided tour into the countryside (Not possible during the Corona Lockdown) but you can also just do it yourself on a bike. Of course the bike rental is not free. But besides that you can design your day in the countryside completely how you like it. Go to the windmills, or the local fishing villages. Or drive through the amazing tulip fields (only in March and April). Just look for the countryside of Amsterdam or the Netherlands, and see what you can discover.

Amsterdam Forrest
And if you really like nature, you can visit Amsterdam Forrest. But hold on, don’t expect a wilderness or trees, wildlife and jungle. Our Amsterdam Forrest is completely man made and this you will also see how the trees are aligned. But with really nice and safe walking paths you can enjoy our dutch nature.

Amstelpark and Petting Zoo
If you are here with your children, there are many locations where you can visit public playing grounds. The most well known playing ground is the one in the Amstelpark. Within the Amstelpark there is a playground and a petting zoo. This Amstelpark is completely free. A really nice spot to go with children. They can enjoy themselves for a whole day.

This is a small selection of things you can do at low costs or maybe even completely free.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me for any questions. [email protected] or Instagram