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UPDATE! From march 23th the last remaining regulations are being lifted.


Covid-19 Amsterdam Lockdown
Wednesday Januari 26th
We are open

Where the last few weeks Amsterdam and the Netherlands had one of the most strict rules and regulations going on in Europe. There was a complete lockdown till january 15th where only essential shops were allowed to be open. Since January 15th the non-essential shops were allowed to be open again, but only till 5pm. But unfortunately the cultural and hospitality sector needed to remain closed.

The last few weeks the numbers have spiked to dazzling numbers due to the omicron variant, same as it does all over the world. But luckily enough this strain is not as dangerous as the previous strains. And of course the vaccinations helped as well. Therefore the hospital numbers are still decreasing. Which let that the Dutch government has decided to lift a big part of the restrictions that still apply. Which is good news for our section.

From today (wednesday January 26th) we are allowed to drive guests through the canals again. Also the museums and other cultural locations can open their doors again. And also bars and restaurants can open again.

Corona virus

Corona what will it do!

Does that mean everything is possible again. Unfortunately not!
Here are the rules and regulations that still apply:
– All activities have to end at 10pm
– A 1,5 mtr distance needs to be maintained unless you’re from the same household.
– Mouth masks are mandatory in closed public locations (Airport, Trainstation, etc)
– Mouth masks are also mandatory in restaurants when you are not sitting down.
– All indoor activities have to be seated events.
– All indoor activities have an allowed capacity of ⅓ of the maximum capacity
– QR codes are mandatory to enter bars, restaurants and also our boats. (US and UK vaccination proof is sufficient. All other tourists from outside of the EU have to do a test in the EU within 48 hours).
– Nightclubs and festival locations are still closed.

If you are looking for more information I would like to guide you to the website of our government.