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What do the new Covid-19 regulations mean for me?

The Netherlands is in lockdown, what does it mean!

Covid-19 Amsterdam Lockdown

UPDATE! 16th March As of 23th of march the last regulations are lifted. Within the Netherlands there are no regulations mandetory regarding Covid-19.

Friday 26th november

By now you have probably heard it already: the Netherlands went back into Lockdown again on Sunday 28th of November. This means that all the Amsterdam River cruises and Canal tours are not allowed to go after 5pm. That unfortunately also means that the famous Amsterdam Light Festival is limited till sunday 19th of december for now. The lights will go on from 15:00 till 17:00 and in the early morning from 7 till 9 am. Not all companies will cruise these hours, because it is hard to make money with only these limited hours. But luckily you can still do the main tours.

Corona the last two years

During the start of the pandemic The Netherlands has always been a bit more light-hearted with the measures compared to other countries. Which in some ways the Netherlands has benefitted from. But also when the big peaks came, we had one of the highest illness rates in europe. Luckily we have a high vaccination rate. 8,5 out of 10 dutch people you’ll meet will be vaccinated. 


That we had light-hearted measures regarding covid is for instance. We didn’t need to wear facemasks for a very long time. And we were the first country to stop wearing them. Be aware it has become necessary again in all public places. Also we were one of the first countries to get rid of the 1,5 mtrs. 

Current situation

At this moment we have an infection rate of 132,4 per 100.000 inhabitants.This is good for a spot on the top average of all european countries. But regarding the hospitalizations we are luckily not that high. But unfortunately we have a low number of ICU beds. But this in combination with a lot of postponed surgeries makes the pressure on our hospitals quite High. that is why the country is subject to a lockdown at this moment. At least till december 18th.

Present rules and regulations regarding Covid-19

When you want to visit restaurants, bars or other experiences within our country from another EU country, you have to be able to show a valid Corona QR code, which will prove you are vaccinated, recovered or tested.

If you are from outside the EU, you always have to have a Corona Test not older than 48 hours and also done within the EU. A proof of vaccination from a non EU country is officially not valid. One exception, the corona app from the NHS of the UK is valid within the EU.

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