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The next museum is one to see, and one you won’t find if don’t go of the beaten path. This museum is relativity new and fits perfect in current affairs. A museum completely dedicated to YOU and every involving YOU. It is logically also called Youseum, a museum about trending online and offline social addictions.

a person sitting on a bedYouseum is an art experience built just for you. Because you are one-in-a-million and one-of-a-billion. Because you are you.

Were in a lot of museums there are strict rules about taking pictures, in some cases picture taking is forbidden. In Youseum there unlimited photo opportunities, so you can experience it years after you were there.

Now don’t think the only you’ll do is only looking at a spectacular painting or picture. There are 25 experiential elements in 15 rooms where you can actively participate in the art objects. And all the artworks are on a regular basis changed. There are dozens of artists, committed to Youseum.

But that doesn’t matter because this museum is about only you!
The world is sprinkled with picture-perfect backdrops awash in pastels.
They’re dreamy, they’re perfect, or are they?

Youseum asks what happens after you snap that selfie.

Is it art?
Does it have an impact?
Does it matter?

Youseum is uninhibited.
It’s kaleidoscopic.
It’s a little cheeky.
It’s a lot of fun.
It’s all about what you make of it.
And hey, it’s you—so it’s gonna be fantastic.
So Welcome to you is the only thing this museum will say to you!

A really fun Museum, where especially with older kids you can have a lot of fun.

a person standing in front of a storeOpening Hours:
Monday              10:00—17:00 (last tours)
Tuesday              CLOSED
Wednesday           12:00—17:00 (last tours)
Thursday            12:00—17:00 (last tours)
Friday              10:00—18:00 (last tours)
Saturday            10:00—18:00 (last tours)
Sunday              10:00—17:00 (last tours)
Due the Corona Virus restrictions, at this moment the museum is closed till at least April 6th

Regular                 €19.95
Youth 4-12           €12.50

Weesperzijde 150) right along the Amstel river.
It’s only a 5 minute walk from the trains and metros at Amstel Station. And yes, we’re accessible by boat!
Please make sure you are at least 15 minutes before the reserved timeslot at the museum.