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Top 5 things to do

Hey Guys, Welcome to Amsterdam. Of course, you have already found the best canal tour in town. But what is next? Everyone is saying they are the best in town. And maybe one way or another they are indeed good. But if you liked my tour, I think I know what you are really looking for. The things you don’t want to miss. And the things that are more of the grid.
Well you are in luck I have made a top 5 list of places to go and people to meet.
All places that I will mention are described in the categories listed on the “What to do” page of my website.

Let’s start with the most obvious. Touristic locations you must see.

1. Rijksmuseum
First, it is right in front of us. Ease to go to and beautiful to visit. The building itself has an amazing architecture. But also, the best of the best regarding old beautiful and amazing painting can be seen here.

2. Lookout/Adam tower
Behind Central Station is a whole industrial area of Amsterdam which for a very long time was avoided by tourist. And by locals seen as an illegitimate part of Amsterdam. Since a couple of years, it has become one of the art hotspots of Amsterdam. Former Shell Headquarters has been transformed in 2016 to an attraction on its own. You can go all the way to the top and have the best view of Amsterdam ever. And if you a daredevil go on the highest swings of Europe. But it has so much more.

Adam Toren.

3. Museum of Bags and Purses
Amsterdam has the most museums per square meter in the world. There are big and small museums. One of those smaller museums is the museum of bags and purses. No as a man, I can appreciate craftsmanship, but when it comes to bags and purses, I would rather leave it to real specialists.
The best part of the Museum of Bags and Purses for me was the two period rooms downstairs. The museum’s home is a lovely 17th century canal house on the Herengracht, in the UNESCO-listed canal rings of Amsterdam. The period rooms are part of the museum café, so you can stop and have a snack and enjoy the opulent surroundings. It is a great spot to enjoy a high tea.
Museum of bags and purses

4. Amsterdam Duck Store (Rubber Duck Museum)
It is not really a museum, but an amazing store where you can indulge yourself in the cutest rubber duckies. What is that all about. Well this is what the owner said:
At first, we were very anxious ourselves. But we just had to do it. In 2011 I had a very cute children’s gift shop. My daughter came with the great idea to sell rubber ducks. The demand for ducks grew steadily as our collection increased until we came to a point that we started to think about a shop with only ducks. But wouldn’t that be too big of a step? Considering, well you know, rubber ducks…

5. Restaurant Dubbel (Double)
Close by the location where you get off, there is a small but cozy restaurant. One of my favorites. They have a relaxed atmosphere and serve great food. No 5* French cuisine, but just good soul food. Really nice staff that will treat you perfectly and give you a really welcome feeling.
Restaurant dubbel

Of course, these tips are just a fraction of all the amazing places that you can visit in Amsterdam. Be sure to check out my other tips to go to withing my blogs.
If you have any question don’t hesitate to contact me. Even when you’re not cruising with me.

Greetz Captain Jack Amsterdam