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The Vondelpark

If you fly over New York one of the most eye-catching things what you’ll see is the huge park on Manhattan Island. Central Park has been the setting for many famous movies throughout the years. And played a prominent role in my favorite sitcom Friends.

a body of water surrounded by treesBut did you know that Amsterdam has it own Central Park. It is called Vondelpark. On a beautiful warm day in summer, the Vondelpark will almost become a little city on its own. A bit like the Vatican within Rome. The amazing buildings surrounding the park will shield you from all traffic noises. And you can find people from all layers of society walking, sitting, sunbathing and even Exercising with groups. It is also a perfect location to run, cycle and roller skating through the park. But if you are just looking for a nice place to relax and have a drink. There are a couple of really nice restaurants, where you can taste the amazing Dutch kitchen. Although most of the time that will be a fusion kitchen.

And the park is also close to where we meet for the canal tour. Just 5 minute walk. And right in front of Holland Casino, which has the Leidse Square behind it.

a group of people walking down a sidewalk next to a statue

Amsterdam – Vondelpark

Where the park is now for everyone who wants to escape the busy center filled with traffic, Until the 70’s the park was only for the rich. The cast iron entrance of the park is a reminder of that. In those days the park was guarded 24/7 to make sure only the wealthy could enter. During the 70’s when Amsterdam became the center of the European Flower Power scene, a lot of Hippies came from all over to sleep in the park. Until the government came with a no sleep policy for the park because of a lot criminality and nuisances.

Be advised since 2017 it is not allowed to Barbecue anymore. But having a nice picnic is always possible, but please throw away all garbage in the therefore bins. We like to keep the park clean.

And if you are with young children, you can let then swim in the little children’s swimming pool. It is purely a little children’s pool.

The park is open 24/7, but I would not advise to there after dark. Although it is relatively safe, I can be really dark. And don’t want you to trip over something, or step in something.