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Paleis van de Weemoed

If you are looking for a restaurant which is a little bit out of the ordinary I would definitely recommend you to go to the Red Light District. Where ofcourse this area is known for it prostitution, you can also find a lot of hidden pearls in this area. For instance the restaurant called “Paleis…

Patate-Frites (Fries)

Another national dish which is actually not dutch but nowadays Belgian are fries or as the original name is called Patates-Frites(fr). As you might know Belgium once was part of the republic and kingdom of the Netherlands. But in 1830 they got their own independence and since then it has operated as an individual country….

Restaurant Moeders (Mothers)

Restaurant Moeders (Mothers) The Netherlands is known for a lot of things. Tulips, Windmills, VOC, Boats, but the one thing the Netherlands is absolutely NOT known for is cuisine. Unfortunately we don’t have real cuisine. What a lot of dutch people do with their dinner is use mashed potatoes and mash everything together and use…


In het midden van het bruisende centrum rondom het Leidseplein zit een van de pareltjes van de Italiaanse keukens van de stad. Waar je misschien verwacht binnen te komen bij de zoveelste Pizzatent of steakhouse kom je hier toch voor een zeer aangename verrassing te staan. Op Lijnbaansgracht 256 zit een authentiek italiaans restaurant genaamd…