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Smallest museums in the world.

Smallest Museum

Did you know that Amsterdam has the most museums per squaremeters in the world. We have the well known big museums of course. But we also have a lot of small museums. The reason is that we always are looking for a way to pay less tax. In the Netherlands, if you sell items as a museum you pay only the  9% instead of the 21% tax. So you can offer a product for a lower price than your competitors. So smart thinking I would say.

We have different amazing museum all over the city. I will tell you a few you must see. Keep in mind small is really small. So you’ll be throught it in no time. But you’ll have a lot of fun.

  1. Cheese Museum. The netherlands is ofcourse known for their easy to eat cheeses. We have different markets throughout the country. You’ll probably know the one in Alkmaar of in Edam (Edammer cheese). But did you know Amsterdam also had a cheese market. Only it was never as big as the other ones. On the Prinsengracht right across the Anne Frank Museum you’ll find the Cheese Museum. Make sure to take some lovely cheeses with you.
  2. Tulip museum. The Tulip originally comes from Turkey. But we made an art out of it. You can get the Tulips in the most amazing colors. During the months march till may, the Netherlands has the most beautifull countrysides. During that time all the flowerfields are covered with oceans of bright colors. Did you know that during the 17th century, tulips where more expensive than gold. Funny enough the Tulip Museum is right next to the Cheese Museum. So easy to visit them both.
  3. Cowmuseum. The Netherlands has a lot of cows. We are actually one of the biggest exporting countries of cow related products. But we also love the cow as an art object. And that is exactly what the Cowmuseum is all about. You can find the Cowmuseum on the Leliegracht 4.
  4. Amsterdam Duck Store (Rubber Duck Museum) There have been a lot of toys created throughout the years. But I think only the rubber duck is the most famous one. A little yellow duck that can be found in each household from now and then. But the little rubber duck is more than just a toy. It is an icon for different times in the last century. And because of that popularity the Rubber Duck Museum was created. You can find the most amazing decorated rubber ducks in this museum, but also take one home with you. You can find the Amsterdam Duck Store Oude Leliestraat 16, which is right across the cowmuseum.

Besides these cute museums we have also museum which tell you about the other side of our history.

  1. Torture museum. In the middle ages mainly also the dutch could be very cruel to criminals and traitors. They had cruel methodes to either make you confess, or just to punish you. Think of a chair made with 1000 sharp needles, or the beheading in public.  You can find the Torture museum on the Singel 449. This is behind the flowermarket.
  2. Sexmuseum. Of course Amsterdam is known for their open minded attitude regarding the delicate things like sex. Within the sexmuseum you will see the history of sex, because people have always looked for new, interesting and crazy ways to satisfy their needs. You can find the sexmuseum on the Damrak 18, this is right in front of Central Station.
  3. Condomerie (Condommuseum). Nothing so important than safety, especially with sex. Through out the years there have been develop a lot of ways to protect ourselves. But nothing so protective as the condom. Go and see what they have created with the idea of the condom. And maybe, take a few home as well. You can find the condommuseum at Warmoesstraat 141, this between the Damrak and red light district, just behind the Bijenkorf.