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Shelter Nightclub

On the other side of the IJ river behind central station there is one of the highest buildings of Amsterdam. The building is called the A’dam tower and it is a former office building of the oil company Shell. After Shell left the building, a group of artists and smart entrepreneurs turned the building into a place for music, art and tourists. The building has 2 restaurants, a bar, an upper deck view and a nightclub called shelter.

Shelter Amsterdam

Shelter Amsterdam (Pic from Think Audio)

Hip and Trending

Shelter has become in a small period of time known to be a real hip and trending underground club. Mainly techno music will go through the speakers. Dj’s and underground artists from all over the world have performed in the club.


Shelter is located in the basement of the building and there they really left the ground structure of the building visible. Which gives the club that real Berlin vibe. A lot of the guests going to the club confirm that the raw underground feeling is upheld to the fullest.


Beware, because it is a very popular night club the door policy can be very strict. Make sure you inform yourself online before you get disappointed.

There is no VIP or table service. The intention of the club is to treat all guests equally and without prejudge. For more information regarding the club and programming click here!