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Paleis van de Weemoed

If you are looking for a restaurant which is a little bit out of the ordinary I would definitely recommend you to go to the Red Light District. Where ofcourse this area is known for it prostitution, you can also find a lot of hidden pearls in this area. For instance the restaurant called “Paleis van de Weemoed”. A burlesque-like appearance is the whole setting of the restaurant. During dinner time you’ll have amazing performances all night round. This can be live music, comedy, dance. You will be amazed all the time.

a group of people sitting at a table in a restaurant


The dinnershows of “Paleis van de Weemoed ” are well known in Amsterdam. They are known to be of a high quality, just like their food and drinks. With a fusion menu with a french cuisine as base they will surprise you with each dish. Make sure to check out their menu here.

Paleis van de Weemoed Amsterdam


Also the staff is memorable. They will really make you feel at home. And the fun starts on entry. With lovely little jokes the night to remember will start.

Beware it can be very busy. Make sure you reserve in time.