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Jantjes Verjaardag

During winter time a lot of people like to go to Austria and Switzerland to ski. And of course beïng on ski’s is a lot of fun. Most people find the so called apres-ski parties which are held in the evening the most fun. Sometimes people only come to the ski-resorts just for the apres-ski parties. 

a maJantjes Verjaardagn and a woman standing in front of a crowd

Jantjes Verjaardag


If you are into that, then you don’t have to go all the way to Austria or Switzerland. There are several amazing bardancings in Amsterdam which you should check out. And there is one bardancing where it all starts. Jantjes verjaardag, which means the birthday of Jan (the owner is actually called Jan).

The bar is a combination of a nightclub and bar all together. You find a large bar where you can easily order your drink. A lot of locals also go to Jantjes Verjaardag, so you’ll have to mingle with the locals. But they love that.

Dutch Music

The music varies from all kinds of pop songs, but also a variety of typical dutch songs. Now I understand that you won’t know the songs. But Dutch music has a very acceptable rhythm which you will hum in no time. 

As I said Jantjes Verjaardag is one of the many amazing apres-ski kind of bars. The bar is located at Rembrandt Square, where you’ll find more of those amazing bars. But also near the other entertainment square Leidseplein you can find quite a few of those bars. They are very popular among dutch people and tourists.