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Club Air

Between the Amstel river and the Rembrandt Square you’ll find a club called club Air. A club that is well known for their wide variety and underground techno programming. Walking into the club you’ll walk into an oasis of nightlife. The club has an international and national stature. 


Club Air Amsterdam

Club Air

Club Air is a club that wants to offer a number of important values in their club nights. Things like: tolerance, diversity, creativity, quality and freedom. The club is a household name in the nightlife among the old and new generation and is never limited to a national target group. With their international status, they invite the biggest names in techno. Afro twins, Johnny 500 and Marshmallow are just a few of the amazing artists that came to Amsterdam.

Check out their programming and opening hours.

VIP Section

There is an amazing VIP area where you can have your own bottle service. Please contact Clab Air to make the reservations for the VIP Area. A lot of the artists are known to spend their time in that VIP Area.

Best Club award

In 2014 Club Air was chosen as one of the 25 best night clubs in Europe. This was published in the British paper the Guardian. The list was made by a group of amazing experts consisting of dj’s, record labels and promoters. And still people from all over the world love to come to the club.


Club It Amsterdam

Club IT

On the site of Club Air (Amstelstraat 24), once the most notorious and well known gayclub in Europe was located. Once the central point of the gay community was surrounding this club. This was the famous Club IT by Manfred Lange. Club IT was not only the center of the local gaycommunity. Gay and non gay people all over the world came to visit the club. It was the European studio 54. Maybe even better!  After the passing of Manfred Lange, unfortunately the popularity of the club died with him. The club wasn’t the same anymore. And in 2004 this was the end of the legendary Club IT