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Captain Jack Adventures

Hi Guys, welcome to my first official Captain Jack Amsterdam blog.

I am not so much of a big blogger, but I will try to put up as many blogs as possible.The idea is two things, first of all to give you an idea of myself and our beautiful city of Amsterdam. Especially for the newcomers I would like to give you a bit of an insight of who I am and what I stand for. It is an introduction to my amazing world on the canals of Amsterdam. But I also want to use these blogs for you to see what you all can do here in Amsterdam. So many things to do and so many different flavors.

Most of the blogs will be written by myself but of course I have many friends who also love this city. I will ask them to give you guys their perspective of Amsterdam.

Captain Jack Amsterdam

Even though Amsterdam is on the world stage a pretty small city, the Amsterdam people have the ability to make it in a amazing city with a lot to do.
So I can Imagen you have questions about everything you see and hear. Please feel free to send me an message through this website Or visit one of my social media’s and drop me a line there. I will answer your questions as quick as possible.  

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All my life I have been in love with water, boats, canals and the history of our beautiful city.
I remember my grandfather telling me the amazing stories of the amazing things he experienced in Amsterdam.
One story I remember really well, this was during the second world war. My grandfather was 17 years old and Amsterdam was occupied by the Nazi’s.
In February of 1941 there was a big strike, where the Amsterdam people didn’t agree with the roundups of all the Jewish people of Amsterdam. And my grandfather helped some of the Jews and strikers flee through the canals when the Nazi’s striked back.
He was almost caught and then he would have been killed, but because of his amazing skills on the canals and with boats, he escaped and managed to stay out of the hands of the Nazi’s.

Captain Jack AmsterdamNow I have been so fortuned not have experienced war. But as a young kid I had to flee from the cops quit a few times.
But that was more for being a bit of a brat. hahahaha. But also here boats “saved my life” because if they would have catched me, I would have been in serious trouble with my folks. hahaha.
6 Years ago I decided to make the canals my daily work, after working within hospitality this was the best life changing choise I made.


I am honored that I can work with amazing people on the water every day. I love meeting new people, and also learn from them of course.
As in any profession there are ups and downs, but the ups are way better than the downs.
But what are the most downs. Well only two things. Cold and rain, I am in it all day. But if I suit up warm and dry, than that is ok,
And drunk people, can be either funny or annoying. But I haven’t encountered any really bad things fortunately.
Oh and sometimes I have a run in with one of my colleagues on the water. But most of the time, the next day all is forgiven.

So those who don’t know me, what can you expect on my tour. First of all I love history, I will tell you all the main things you really need to know about Amsterdam.
Like why do we have the canals, Why is our country called Holland and the Netherlands. What is up with those houseboats and the red light district. And so much more.
But as I said I love history, so you can ask me all kinds of questions, there are not many that I can’t answer.
But I am not the kind of guy, to just summarize these facts, I like to tell them with a bit of fun. So don’t be surprised for the occasional joke in there.
I promise you that you will not be disappointed in my effort, input and stories. The boat itself is a beautiful open boat with a silence electric motor. Although when it is raining I will come with a boat with cover.
And I also provide nice drinks and typical dutch snacks. Let me indulge you in an amazing experience.

a man sitting at a table
Hope to see you on the Canals.

Greetz, Captain Jack Amsterdam