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Brouwerij de Prael

a store inside of a buildingThe brewery was established in 2002 by Arno Kooy and Fer Kok on the Schinkel business park outside the city center. Initially, the brewery was called De Parel, but this name had to be changed to the last of the Budel brewery, because it already made a beer with the name “Parel”. That is why the anagram “De Prael” was chosen. Which was maybe an even more successful name. It has a more authentic feel to it. This was also shown in one of the many awards that they get. Because that award was set to the brewery from the last century. Later that was logically changed.

In 2008 the brewery moved to the Oudezijds Voorburgwal the busiest location within the red-light district. In the old days that area was well known as the beer canal, because a lot of beer barrels were stored in the warehouses on the Oudezijds Voorburgwal. A larger brewery was installed in that building to meet the increased demand. In 2011, a tasting room was also opened for the locally brewed beers. Something you can visit throughout the day. I personally recommend this tasting more than the Heineken Experience. Because it is more authentic.

Brewery the Prael is not only just a brewery like many other. They also have a large social function.

They give people with a disability work in the brewery and the elderly that find it difficult to find work. De Prael Brewery was the first Dutch brewery to opt for this way of working in 2002, but the idea has now followed suit, for example in a large Brewery in Zaanstad.

a person cooking food on a tableUntil 2015, the beers of the brewery were named after famous Dutch folk singers, such as Johnny, Tante Leen and Willeke. A lot of Dutch-language music can also be heard in the tasting room. With this, De Prael present itself as a typical Dutch brewery. Eventhough you might not understand the language. The setting is gives you that real Dutch feeling.

The relatively large range of beers varies in taste, color and alcohol percentage. The brewery brews not only Dutch and Belgian styles, but also German ones such as K├Âlsch. There are also seasonal beers. If you like beer, this one of the little paradises within Amsterdam.

Brouwerij Prael