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And a new Coronavirus was born!

On Friday the 13th I decided myself to cancel all my bookings due the Corona virus. A few days later the country was almost in a lock down. All my fellow canal cruise companies also decided one by one to shut down as well. Streets are completely empty, it is almost cinematic.

The worst epidemic since years. A disease that has an a close up of a flowerimpact on everyone in the world. So, since Saturday the 14th together with my loving family I am quarantined to my house. Although I can imagen worse places to be, this is a huge impact on me and my family. Not only my girlfriend and I are at home also our kids are at home. Due the fact that my girlfriend still has her job (she works from home now) I have a new job now. I am homeschooling the kids now. We got homework from school and together with the kids we try to make the best of it. I have never done things like this before. But it is quite refreshing and fun to do, I must say.

The worst thing for me in this crisis is that there is no idea when everything will get back to normal again. Especially for us who work in the tourist industry, it is very unclear when we can start working again. We are also very depending on what happens in the rest of the world.

But I have good faith in our community. I have confident that at one moment it will also be in a controlled manner. And to all my readers who have been infected or worse hospitalized with this virus. I wish you all the best and really hope from the bottom of my heart, that all will return normal again real soon.

My message to everyone is also that when these catastrophic times are in the past. We need to get the economy back on its feet as well. Do yourself and other a big favor, start spending. So we all can contribute to a healthy economy of which we all benefit.

For my future guests I can’t wait to meet you (again). And I excited to be back on the canals again.