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Albert Cuijp Market

Where a lot of tourist stay in the old center of Amsterdam, there is so much more to see in the outskirts of Amsterdam. One part is not even really the outskirt but more of the outer area of the center. It is right behind the Heineken Museum. The area is called the Pijp (like a pipe which you can smoke). In the middle of this Area there is the largest market of Europe. Open from Monday till Saturday. It is called the “Albert Cuyp”.

Everybody who knows Amsterdam, knows the Albert Cuyp Market! The Market is originated a group of people in a cityin 1905 and is one of the favorite locations for locals, but also for tourists, students, day trippers and entrepreneurs. The Albert Cuyp Market is located in one of the most popular areas of Amsterdam. You can experience authentic Amsterdam atmosphere, humor and “gezelligheid” in the streets. A trip to Amsterdam is not complete without visiting the Albert Cuyp Market.

There is no marketplace like the Albert Cuyp Market. Is the slogan of the market. And they are absolutely correct. The market is home to 260 market different kind of stalls. This makes the Albert Cuyp the biggest market of Europe!
If you visit the market you’ll surprise yourself with the rich supply of fresh vegetables, fruits, accessories, clothes, flowers and beautiful fabrics.

a group of people sitting at a table eating foodOne one the must see or in this case the must tastes are the real Dutch treats, like a fresh herring or a hot stroopwafel! A trip to the Albert Cuyp is a guarantee for great products and an even better day!
I go there at least twice a week, to do groceries, but also just to just stroll around a bit.

Albert Cuyp Market