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Bike and Boat Cruise Rijksmuseum

Starting from € 69,50 you have best of both worlds. 90 minute cruise and 2,5 hours bike ride In Amsterdam or 4 Hours countryside!

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Local Guide

Child friendly

Free drinks on the boat

Best bicyles of Amsterdam

Electric bikes possible

Person All ages welcome!
Private Tour All ages welcome!
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For those who really want to know Amsterdam there is only one thing you can do. That is of course to go with Captain Jack Amsterdam and his friends like many did before. On an amazing open boat with drinks and typical Dutch bytes we will introduce you to the amazing city. Day or night both times Amsterdam is amazing to see. And because we have all a very big connection and love for our city. We love to show you around and tell you the most amazing stories. Challenge us for our own personal stories to tell you and we can get completely ahead of ourselves.

We will take you to the best highlights of the city that can be seen from the water. Go from 2023 to 1275 in a heartbeat. Yes that is how old Amsterdam is. See the wealthy canal belt of th 16th century and have a bit of love with the skinny bridge! If you don’t fall in love with Amsterdam after doing our tour, you must be part of the Adams Family. With over 2000 excellent reviews a year, we know that we are not the only ones in love with the city.

And during the tour you will not only be meeting us, but also amazing people from all over the world. We see it as a nice bonus to get to know the world on a small nice electric open boat with a drink in you hand and sun in your face. Our guests come from each corner of the world, and give you awesome tips about their cities as well. Did you know that Amsterdam has the most nationalities in the world in a city. Hope to see you on the boat soon.

But wait can I make it even more cool than it already is?

Oh yes I can…..Immerse yourself in the unparalleled beauty of Amsterdam like never before with our unbeatable combo package! Together with A-Bike (bike rental) we created a package which is a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation, allowing you to explore Amsterdam from two completely different perspectives – on the enchanting canals and on the captivating countryside. By opting for this package, you’ll get the best of both worlds, and create everlasting memories of your journey of our city and country.

Ride along the Amstel River towards the Dutch polder landscape on our Countryside Bike tour. Meet an eccentric farmer at his clog factory and cheese farm, taste some free samples of authentic Dutch cheese, and visit an authentic windmill. See the community of houseboats that was once a hippie community and now loved by wealthier classes.